E-commerce capabilities are expanding, and Smartphones are replacing TV

The mobile analytics platform AppAnnie has published the results of the State of Mobile 2021 study, in which it collected the main figures and trends of […]
future technology

10 main technological trends until 2030 for companies and markets

McKinsey & Company has presented a list of the main services, systems, and products in the IT sector for the next decade. Analysts have developed a […]
apple search ads

Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads, also known as ASA, is an acquisition channel that connects advertisers with a relevant target audience. With Apple Search Ads, marketers can significantly […]
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Business to Robot to Consumer (B2R2C) – How Will It Influence Us?

B2R2C, also known as Business-to-Robot-to-Consumer, is the trend that many of us will encounter in the near future. It is now considered that we are selling […]

How brands are helping the environment become sustainable?

Have you ever heard of the word ‘’sustainability’’? The awareness of this term is at its peak and is now being implemented in many different industries […]
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Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of marketing in 2021

It’s not a secret that AR is the future of marketing, and it boosts sales not only of untwisted and luxury brands but of all brands. […]
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6 Ways for Motivating Your Team

The current times have changed pretty much everything – from the ways we work to ways of communication and leisure time spending. All of this is […]

Social Media Users Activity Global Research 2020

Popsters has developed a formula for an engaging post on social networks. The Popsters research was based on statistics on the activity of users’ interaction with […]
Will Telegram replace WhatsApp?

Will Telegram replace WhatsApp?

WhatsApp global uninstall, Parler removal fromApp Store&Google Play and the epic rise of Telegram becoming second uploaded app in the US.What else would 2021 bring us? […]
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How to Boost ROI with GOOGLE SEARCH 360?

We will not surprise you if We would say that Google Ads have become an un irreplaceable tool for any company to generate traffic to the […]

From addressing the audience to making a sale. New YouTube advertising features in 2021. Complex tools in simple words!

The number of active YouTube users in the world has reached 2 billion a month and 30 million a day, which makes YouTube one of the […]

Crucial Display & Video solution for Marketing Leaders in 2021

Since the market is overstocked with ecommerce retailers, every in-house digital marketing team finds it to be more and more challenging to bring quality leads to […]