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About us

The digital marketing agency RealWeb Latvia was founded in 2013. We use the latest marketing performance tools and systems: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, SEO, DV360, TikTok Ads, and others.

How are we different from other advertising agencies in Latvia? By the fact that our activities are based on the Performance-based marketing approach. It is a digital marketing concept that aims to achieve specific and financially measurable business results (KPI–Key Performance Indicators) in the shortest possible time.

We use all the accumulated knowledge, developed technologies, and competencies of the group. We have accumulated experience and a deep understanding of the operation of internet technologies and their application in advertising. We always offer creative solutions and digital marketing strategies, taking into account the individual characteristics of customers’ businesses.

Our team implements local and international projects in several sectors (education, tourism, construction, medical services, real estate, financial services, e-commerce, and others) in Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, and the Baltic states.

Honesty, professionalism, responsibility 

OUR MISSION: to achieve better results together with our clients by creating and managing their advertising campaigns with a professional approach, using the necessary advertising channels and performance approach.

OUR VISION: to change and develop together with our customers and partners, so that we are always among the best in our industry.

OUR VALUES: our main values are the customers and team because these people create the essence of RealWeb Latvia. Each of us is a leader. Together we are a team. All our activities are focused on the customer and on achieving their goals.



Member of the Board


Main bookkeeper


Client Project Manager


Client Project Manager


Digital marketing team lead


Digital marketing specialist


Digital marketing specialist


Digital marketing specialist


PR manager

Certificates & Products

The Google Marketing Platform is a place where DoubleClick products and Google Analytics 360 Suite are combined.

A proof that the company's employees have proven their Google Ads skills and knowledge.

A unified ads management and organisation tool that allows you to use audience data, find the ad inventory, and plan, refine, and measure campaign effectiveness.

Thanks to the data available on Facebook and Instagram about user behaviour and interests, they provide the opportunity to target and address a precise audience and create advertising campaigns at a lower cost.

A tool that lets you analyse the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and visualise data from a variety of sources.

A tool to insert all the necessary tracking tools into the website: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc.

The main tool for analysing all visitors to the website and measuring returns from advertising campaigns.

E-commerce companies are allowed to launch dynamic remarketing campaigns that can increase sales on a number of occasions by showing the right product to the right user at the right time.

Offers advertising opportunities in the search engine and its partner pages. Due to low costs, this tool is an excellent complement to the existing strategy.

A mobile app where you can watch and create short videos. With TikTok ads, it is possible to reach an even bigger audience.

Gives you the possibility to advertise apps in the App Store and be first in the search results.

Is the world's leading social network for professionals. Advertising on this site is unique due to its audience and opportunities to address it, and is particularly effective for companies working in the B2B segment.

Members of the LCCI and LIKTA

RealWeb Latvia is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), as well as the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA), and as a member of these professional organisations we actively participate in and organise educational seminars for Latvian entrepreneurs both in Riga and regionally regarding various current digital marketing issues and solutions.


  • We appreciate that your team is always ready to help with any issues and is open to discuss them. All our wishes are taken into account. We rate the quality of work and service with 10/10. I want to note that you always react quickly in all situations. The impression of cooperation is very pleasant.

    alfaleads logo


    Andrey Sundukov, Digital marketing manager
  • RealWeb Latvia is like an ambulance for us: the solutions offered by the agency work effectively if our services need fast and accurate advertising support.



    Māris Rēvalds, Chairman of the Board
  • We have been cooperating with RealWeb for several years. We appreciate the easy and responsive communication, as well as the desire of the company’s representatives to go into the specifics of PAA, including solving complex issues.

    I am pleased with the partner’s competence in creating and planning activities and campaigns not only in Latvia, but also in export markets.


    Agnese Birmbauma-Eglīte, marketing project manager
  • Cooperation with RealWeb Latvia would put cooperation at the TOP of the list due to attitude, result, communication and knowledge. Everyday issues are dealt with very quickly, but going into the more detailed context is even more important for us and it is still an ongoing feature after several years of cooperation. Questions that start with why and which are asked often are always explained, additional research (if necessary) is carried out and recommendations often go a little further. If you want partners whose communication is direct and reasonable, but the result proves what has been claimed – this will be the right choice!

    Dr. Lukins Eye’ Clinic (Dr. Lūkina acu klīnika)

    Elīna Breidaga, marketing manager
  • Cooperation with RealWeb Latvia means a lot to us, a company that offers niche products in the market: these are precise recommendations for working with our target audience and interest in achieving our business goals. RealWeb Latvia employs professionals who are well acquainted with the latest internet technologies and know how to use them.



    Dmitrijs Ļisicins, e-business and product manager
  • In our cooperation, we appreciate the ability to work independently and provide us with the necessary help, professionalism, knowing exactly what we need, recommend the necessary solution and implement it. All our wishes are listened to and the best solution is suggested. It responds quickly to requests; if there is an area that requires an additional specialist, you can also recommend it from external sources. This makes it easier to achieve our goal.

    Young riders’ school (Jauno jātnieku skola)

    Elīna Dzenuško, Member of the Board
  • We highly appreciate your ability to respond quickly to our issues. The competence and quality of your employees are always at the highest level.


    Georgy Ilyin, Business development manager
  • RealWeb Latvia works effectively to achieve our commercial goals: with the help of the agency, we can focus on precise target audiences and evaluate the result. Our mutual cooperation is important for the growth of both companies and market development.


    Internet supermarket
  • Attracting new visitors, optimising ROI, easy communication, valuable and detailed recommendations of the agency to achieve our business goals – all of this positively characterises our cooperation with RealWeb Latvia.


    Ieva Ostrovska, Marketing Director in the Baltic States
  • I want to thank RealWeb Latvia advertising specialists for sharing knowledge. Your training helped me to structure my knowledge and training was really needed. I would like to note the ability of specialists to explain all the nuances correctly and in detail. I will be happy to continue training.

    Media Marketing

    Anastasia, the youngest specialist in digital marketing
  • During the advertising installation training, your advertising specialist was able to explain and present everything very professionally and in detail. Together we managed to do a lot, I gained new knowledge in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere. If I have any further questions, I will definitely turn to you for help.


    Irina Lickeviča

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    • we will evaluate the return on existing advertising campaigns;
    • we will analyse the technical side of the advertising campaign or website;
    • we will provide 3–5 recommendations ** for improving the results and achieving the goal.

    **We will be able to provide recommendations if access to Google Analytics is provided.