What is influence marketing and how to work with influencers

From 2016 to 2020, influencers’ advertising investments increased from $1.7 billion to $9.7 billion. Such trust of brands proves that the promotion through opinion leaders is […]

Stay concentrated! The best tips for your productivity

Summer comes and people have a desire to relax on the beach or spend time in nature with friends or family. But… there are so many […]

The importance of paid advertisements

Why do companies need paid advertising on the Internet? There are many answers to this question: to convince people to buy more, to improve or create […]

Google analytics is all you need to track data

Google Analytics is an analytics system designed to collect statistics about users who have visited particular sites. It is also a service that provides the capability […]

Email newsletter – a modern way to share news

Nowadays, fewer and fewer people prefer to read the information on paper, such as in newspapers and magazines. The digital world continues to pull us into […]

Fresh social media statistics. What apps are used more frequently?

Social networks are an integral part of the modern world, where people express their emotions, make purchases, and look for inspiration. Moreover, if we want to […]

What is Search ads 360 and why should you use it?

Google Marketing Platform enables marketers to see what is happening to various spheres of the business. The platform combines multiple marketing tools into one integrated platform, […]
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LOST TRUST BETWEEN CLIENTS AND DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCIES. Whose fault is it and why is it worth reestablishing relations today?

Hidden commissions, the lack of communication, and low interest in customer’s business needs have significantly undermined the trust of entrepreneurs in digital marketing agencies all over […]
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5 Social Media Trends that were popular in 2021 and will be popular in 2022

As we know, social networks were created to connect people all over the world. It was mostly aimed at people who had hundreds and thousands of […]

Display & Video 360 vs. Google Ads. What to choose?

What are Google Ads and Display & Video 360? What is the difference? Google Display Ads is a Google Advertising Network that is accessed through Ads. […]

Black Friday: from socks to diamonds. How did it appear and why is it so popular?

Now Black Friday opens the season of sales and gift purchases, discounts in stores reach 90%, and crowds of people are waiting for their opening since […]

E-commerce capabilities are expanding, and Smartphones are replacing TV

The mobile analytics platform AppAnnie has published the results of the State of Mobile 2021 study, in which it collected the main figures and trends of […]