Garpun – an automated ad creation and management system that allows you to resume advertising campaigns at Yandex.Direct and Google Ads, manage bidding processes, and generate reports.

With the Garpun system, you can create advertising campaigns with thousands of text ads and keywords, which will be regularly updated depending on the current price, goods, or services, and their availability in stock. 

The system we have developed is designed to automate the launch and maintenance of campaigns in situations where there are a large number of advertising objects.

What will the Garpun system do for you?

The Garpun tool can be used by those who have a dynamically updated database of goods and services:

Internet shops


Online product catalogues

Advertising portals

Car showrooms and dealers

Real estate agencies and others.

CallTracking – is a tool that allows you to associate ad channels and your company’s incoming calls. Calltracking sets a separate phone number for each ad source. When users visit your website, Calltracking detects the ad source they came from, and a corresponding phone number is demonstrated. All calls are redirected to your main phone number.

CallTracking allows you to: interface shows you thr call statistics and cost per call by each ad source your users come from – it may be from Google Adwords, (SEO),, DoubleClick Bid Manager,,,,, or any other ad channel you use.

It is also possible to set automated transfer of call data to Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

AdHands – a statistical tool used to track all your advertising campaigns. It provides an opportunity to analyze in detail the effectiveness of each ad placement, make a detailed evaluation of each communication channel, and make a considered decision on their future use.

Online stores have a feature to track the number and amount of orders/purchases in each ad placement. With the help of AdHands, e-commerce companies can find out how much money was spent and what the income from each placement was. It is also possible to see how long it takes the customer to make a purchase.

Advantages of the AdHands system:

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    • we will evaluate the return on existing advertising campaigns;
    • we will analyse the technical side of the advertising campaign or website;
    • we will provide 3–5 recommendations ** for improving the results and achieving the goal.

    **We will be able to provide recommendations if access to Google Analytics is provided.