Unique visitors increase by 539%

About: INNOVATION NORWAY is a Norwegian public organization, whose main task is to promote Norwegian economy and production. Official web-site: www.visitnorway.com

About cooperation: INNOVATION NORWAY has been cooperating with RealWeb marketing group since 2010. During this time period various successful digital advertising campaigns have been implemented in the media, social networks, search engines, such as Google and Yandex. The client is being also provided with SEO services and analytics.

Goals: Increase the awareness and traffic of visitnorway.com. Encourage citizens of other European countries to choose Norway as a tourism destination. 

Tasks: to increase website traffic from selected countries, attract new audiences, bounce rate decrease, rise the length of stay in webpage, grow the number of applications filled through visitnorway.com by at least 25%.

Achieved results: 15 different travel advertising campaigns (advertising groups) were created and promoted, such as “Summer Holidays in Norway (Fjords)”, “Skiing for Families”, “TOP 10 Places” and others. Digital marketing advertisements have been segmented by target audiences and launched on social networks, promoted as display campaigns and published articles in tourism related media. Applied advertising platforms: Google, Ads, Facebook, Yandex, Vv.com, programmatic solutions.


Pieteikties bezmaksas konsultācijai

    • we will evaluate the return on existing advertising campaigns;
    • we will analyse the technical side of the advertising campaign or website;
    • we will provide 3–5 recommendations ** for improving the results and achieving the goal.

    **We will be able to provide recommendations if access to Google Analytics is provided.