The 26.7% increase of the visibility of the key product group

About the client:  The company, founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, the basis being the legendary constructor LEGO®, is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming materials in the world. Based on their activities, the company is guided by their motto: ‘’Only the best is good enough’’. Their goal – to inspire those who will change the future and to contribute to the development of their creativity in a playful and educational way. The LEGO products are sold worldwide. 

The problem:

·      Presence of multiple page duplicates

·      Errors in the programming code

·      Lack of mobile version

·      Lack of image optimisation

The target:

What was done:


·      A comprehensive audit was carried: multiple technical errors in the website’s code were revealed.


The visibility was doubled on Yandex platform, on Google – 1,6 times. The visibility for the key product group was increased by 27,6%.

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