New applications growth by 45% within a month

About the company: SmartTel Plus operates in the B2B sector, offering companies IP and virtual telephony services in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Czech Republic, as well as cloud services in the field of IP telephony.

Goals: Conquer a new market and start selling its services in five European countries, competing with other similar companies in that region.

RealWeb Top 3 GOALS to achieve:

  1. kampaņas laikā jāpanāk jaunu pieteikumu skaitu.
  2. reklāmas kampaņa jāveido un jāoptimizē tā, lai pieteikumi konvertētos maksājošos klientos.
  3. tika noteikti konkrēti reklāmas izmaksu “griesti” (CPA), cik klients bija gatavs tērēt viena jauna klienta piesaistei.


The first month of cooperation was defined as a test month, when, in accordance to the established advertising campaign strategy, the following actions were taken:

Tools in use:

Results achieved after First 2 months:


A company has decided to increase its advertising budget to reach a larger number of real customers. During the subsequent campaign, the cost of conversions stayed in the set limits by the clients. The number of applications was also fulfilled.


    • we will evaluate the return on existing advertising campaigns;
    • we will analyse the technical side of the advertising campaign or website;
    • we will provide 3–5 recommendations ** for improving the results and achieving the goal.

    **We will be able to provide recommendations if access to Google Analytics is provided.