How to increase your Google search engine ranking – the RealWeb Latvia experience

Nowadays, it is very important for a business to have a stable position on the Google search engine results page. The number of places on the first pages is decreasing as there is often paid advertising before the organic search results.

In order for a page to have a chance of being in the TOP10 of the Google search engine results page, it is necessary to talk about the so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of the website.

Customer: Young riders’ school (Jauno jātnieku skola)

The young riders’ school is an equestrian sports centre in “Zustrenes”, Inčukalns. It has been active since 2007. More than 15 purebred horses and ponies live here permanently. The range of school services includes horse riding lessons, paddock and arena rental, excursions, equine-assisted therapy and others. Another of the main activities of the school is organising competitions. The aim of the school is to become one of the leading equestrian sport centres in the Baltics, where competitions of various scales are organised.

Promotion type: Promoting the position in the Google search engine results page based on a keyword search.

Aim: To be in the TOP10 of the Google search engine results page with 11 keywords in Latvian and 10 keywords in Russian.

Prior to SEO promotion, none of the keywords important to the client were in the Google TOP10.

Weaknesses of the website:

Upon evaluating the technical and visual condition of the website, it was concluded that it was necessary to create a new website structure, as the existing one had usability problems, and to move the website to a new CMS system in order to be able to administer it properly and to implement the necessary technical changes that play a great role in the indexing options of a page in Google search.

Technical shortcomings that prevented the website from indexing in the TOP10 of the Google search engine:

What actions were fulfilled?


10 out of 11 keywords in Latvian have entered the TOP10 of the Google search engine results page.


9 out of 10 keywords in Russian have entered the TOP10 of the Google search engine results page.


The number of new users has increased by 36%.


The client’s set goal (KPI) was met by 95%.


The bounce rate decreased by 5% and the number of pages viewed increased by 6%.

This project was worked on by a professional website optimisation team, consisting of Karīna Daņilova, Corporate Project Manager of SEO Services, and Jurijs Kirillovs, SEO Specialist. 

Karīna’s task was to make sure that the client’s goals and wishes were achieved and that the work was completed on time, whereas Jurijs carefully worked on the technical side of the project by performing an in-depth audit, improving the page indexing processes, performing internal linking, and correcting the pages.

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